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Japanese gamers offered Pepsi-blue Nintendo DS

Drink some Pepsi, win a limited edition DS. Gits.

Although several EG staffers are firmly allied to that other evil black liquid Diet Coke, if we were Japanese we'd probably have to consider buying some Pepsi this coming March in order to get our names in the hat for a new Nintendo/Pepsi cross-promotion giving away a rather special-looking blue-tinted Nintendo DS.

According to a report on Game Watch, Pepsi drinkers who send in stickers from Pepsi bottles next month will be entered into a prize draw to win a special Pepsi Blue Nintendo DS, pictured here along with a rather fetching case and some Pepsi headphones.

Other prizes in the draw include Pepsi-flavoured bottle caps, tape rolls and other throwaway items adorned with Mario Bros. characters, which, although we'd be gutted to win them and miss out on the DS, are certainly unique and worthy little commemorative baubles.

You can find more pictures on Game Watch here.