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Konami working on another Suikoden?

Voice actor's blog suggests another instalment in the RPG series could be in the offing, but Konami declines to comment.

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Konami has refused to comment on reports suggesting that a fifth Suikoden game is in development.

The reports came about after veteran voice actor Makoto Terada mentioned in his online diary that he'd "recorded voices for a game named Suikoden" recently. Konami's most recent Suikoden title has been out on PS2 in Japan and the US for a while, with a European release set for 25th February, so it seems unlikely that Terada-san is referring to Suikoden IV.

That, at least, seems to be in the inference. A Konami of Europe representative today insisted the company had no comment to make, so it seems that even if it is true - which, given the series' cult following, is perfectly plausible - it may be a while before we hear anything concrete.

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