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Midway signs RTS from Stainless Steel

Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War due out this winter. Play as four empires with hero units and, er, that's about all we know.

Midway has done a deal to publish Stainless Steel Software's forthcoming real-time strategy game Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War this winter.

Stainless Steel, home to Age of Empires lead designer Rick Goodman, is developing a game where you take control of one of four ancient empires - Greece, Rome, Egypt or Persia - and even fight alongside the troops as one of eight hero units.

Goodman, who is obviously "excited" to be working with Midway, said the game's "unprecedented gameplay, historical accuracy and unique elements" make it "one of the most ambitious RTS games to date".

Which, given the pedigree of the developer, they may well do, but we still hope the inevitable E3 showing is slightly less ambiguous than Goodman's rather nondescript assessment.