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Metroid Pinball for Nintendo DS?

An listing points to a December release for a Samus-backed pinball outing. Nintendo naturally declines to comment.

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A listing on for a Nintendo DS title called "Metroid Pinball" due out this 5th December has prompted speculation that Samus's morph ball may be about to take on a starring role on the dual screen handheld.

One of the most celebrated aspects of the Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt demo bundled with the DS so far has been the morph ball section, which demonstrated just how well something like that might work controlled by the stylus. We can only imagine how it might be adapted for a Metroid pinball title - something like this, perhaps.

Nintendo has refused to give the listing any substance, with American reps declaring, "Nintendo does not comment on rumours of speculation," while Nintendo of Europe did not return our requests for comment by this morning.

But, after the potential of Super Mario Ball was sorely wasted, we reckon they owe us one in the pinball tie-in stakes.

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