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Incredible success prompts Incredibles sequel

THQ says it's working on a new Incredibles title for [deep breath] PS2, Xbox, Cube, PC, Mac, GBA, PSP and DS. Simply... oh what's the word we're looking for?

Some of us haven't even seen the film yet, and the original game is still fourth in the UK charts, but that hasn't stopped publisher THQ from announcing this week that it plans to release a second game based on Disney/Pixar's The Incredibles this autumn.

The new game will be released on PS2, Xbox, Cube, PC, Mac, GBA, PSP and DS, which is a pretty impressive multiplatform target - so much so that THQ has three development teams working on various versions.

Internal studio Heavy Iron Studios will handle the PC and console versions as it did last time out, with fellow internal types Helixe developing the DS and GBA versions and PSP specialists Pacific Coast Power & Light working on the version for Sony's handheld.

However there's currently no detail on the game content other than executive veepee of worldwide studios Jack Sorensen's ambiguous statement promising fans "the opportunity to interact with Mr. Incredible and many other beloved Incredibles characters in a brand-new adventure".

We will of course let you know if we hear anything interesting. You can read our take on the first Incredibles game here.