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Singles sequel set for May release

Red hot three-in-a-flat ACTION. Or something.

Although the original Singles was a touch impotent when it came to tackling EA's monopoly on the making-little-people-happy genre, it obviously aroused enough interest at retail to prompt a sequel - with publisher Deep Silver and developer Rotobee announcing Singles 2: Triple Trouble this week for release in May.

This time your lovable little single has upped sticks and moved to a new apartment only to discover that in addition to a stunning new flatmate he's (or she's) living with an ex to boot. Which spins a few scenarios. As Deep Silver puts it: "Is the fire of love really dead, or can the embers be rekindled? Would they want them too, when the new flat mate is a stunner? How can they put on the charms, without getting a grilling from the ex?"

In addition to a new setting, players will have new relationship possibilities to manage, whilst still maintaining a happy home, going to work every day and kitting out the apartment with new furniture and other comforts, Sims-style. A new 3D engine will also allow characters to dress more flamboyantly and behave in new and more varied ways. This time your singles will also be able to leave the apartment and visit a local bar, make new friends and host parties.

All in all it sounds a bit racier than last year's effort, and despite Deep Silver's protestation that it's "Erotic, sensual and sexy - but not full of sex," we can't help remembering the boxes of fluffy handcuffs and other "tools" we were sent to celebrate the release of the last one. It's all suggested rather than explicit, Playboy-style filth, but for the teens who'll goggle over the demo it's still pretty much the 21st Century mum's M&S lingerie supplement, so why fight it?