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Konami adds multiplayer to Metal Gear Acid

Snake showdown on the horizon.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Konami has added a two-player wireless multiplayer mode to its PlayStation Portable title Metal Gear Acid, the company revealed at a recent press event in the States, having had to leave it out of the Japanese version released on 16th December last year due to time constraints.

MGA will now feature a multiplayer option in both the US and Europe, which pits a pair of players against one another in the VR world used for training in Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2. As you might expect, combat will use the same skills and card sets earned in the main single-player game.

Perhaps oddly Konami has indicated that it will not be allowing players to directly exchange cards with people using the WiFi link, but it has said that cash earned in this two-player Link Battle mode will be available to buy rare cards for use in subsequent single and multiplayer games.

Naturally the publisher has yet to offer a clear indication of when Metal Gear Acid will be released in the US and Europe, but with Sony surely on the verge of announcing PSP launch details in the next few weeks it shouldn't be too long now. And we'd be very surprised if Acid wasn't ready on or around the PSP's expected late-March launch date.

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