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Doom 3 Xbox port, PC expansion dated worldwide

April will see "the worldwide release of never-ending evil".

Activision has promulgated that the Xbox version of Doom 3 and PC expansion pack Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil will both be released on 4th April worldwide.

Not only does this elucidate comments made by CEO Ron Doornink earlier this week in response to investor questioning with regard to the American dates, but it also comes as an unexpected boon to those us living outside the US who had expected to wait a bit longer.

The yanks are now being told to brace themselves for what the publisher is calling "the worldwide release of never-ending evil". "Brace yourself for a new breed of fear and excitement," Todd Hollenshead, CEO of developer id Software, vociferated this week.

Speaking about the Xbox version, Hollenshead rhapsodised, "This is Doom 3 built for the Xbox, including 480p and widescreen support, full Xbox Live multiplayer, and the Xbox exclusive two-player co-op campaign." Developed in conjunction with Vicarious Visions, the Xbox version is also expected to be available in a Collector's Edition package.

"For fans of Doom 3 on the PC, Resurrection of Evil takes you to the undiscovered depths of the UAC's Mars base and back to Hell itself for a vicious new battle with the forces of evil and the most ferocious demons imaginable," he added. Resurrection of Evil has been co-created by Nerve Software and id Software.

We should have reviews of both up around about the time they come out, assuming we're not that damned in the eyes of the powers-that-be.