Doom 3


Doom 64 pops up in an age-rating listing for PC and PS4

And now everyone's remembering why it was so special.

You need a Bethesda account to play the original Doom on Nintendo Switch

UPDATE: Bethesda says login should be optional, working on a fix.

Speedrunner sets new world record for Doom... 3?!

Sprints through campaign in under 65 minutes.

If you want the original Doom 3 from Steam you have to pay 76

UPDATE: Bethesda: "We're looking into options" for those who want to buy the original Doom 3.

Digital Foundry | Doom 3 PC: Original vs. BFG Edition Video

Comparison video pitting the 2004 original up against the 2012 BFG edition on PC.

Doom 3 source code finally released

Carmack announces free download now available.

Lawyers hold up Doom 3 source code release

Carmack writing new code to dodge patent issue.

Doom 3 source code ready for release

Carmack: It's "packaged and tested".

id: how Rage improves on Doom 3

Bigger and deeper, says Hollenshead.

id to release Doom 3 source code

Carmack wants other devs to follow suit.

Carmack: games "reduce aggression"

Doom creator sees shooters as "cathartic".

Feature | Why I Love… Doom III

Happiness is a warm gun.

PC makers see piracy as "hidden benefit"

Reckons Id CEO Todd Hollenshead.

Sales show Doom 3 was "not bad" - Willits

But he gets why it divided opinions.

Todd Hollenshead defends Doom III

People slating it "get no credibility".

Id Software creating new game

Carmack building fancy engine.

No Doom demo on film DVD

UK misses out, gets documentary.

New Doom 3 levels on Xbox Live

Grab expansion maps for free.

High-Def DOOM movie trailer

Rock! (Actor. No other meaning.)

Doom III Chess

Strategy meets shotgun.

Doom movie trailer released

Plus, the stars speak out.

Review | Doom III

Selling Hell proves fittingly difficult. You kind of have to go there first.

Review | Doom III: Single-Player

Right. That's it. London's too hot - we're off to Mars.

Feature | Doom III

Dark, moody, and gory as hell. But when's it out?