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Square Enix unsure when Final Fantasy XII will launch

It's definitely slipped though. The publisher's also now gunning for 12 major releases a year - a figure that may include other products as well as games.

Square Enix president Yoichi Wada has revealed that Final Fantasy XII has slipped beyond its previous spring release date and admits the publisher still isn't sure when it will launch the PS2-exclusive RPG.

"Regarding the release of Final Fantasy XII, we still haven't decided," Wada-san told Bloomberg. "However, Final Fantasy XII won't be released this spring."

However Wada-san did indicate that the company plans to release 12 products per year from now on, averaging out to at least one a month. That figure doesn't necessarily correspond exclusively to game products either, so you can assume CG movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will fill one of the slots on the release schedule.

This new plan will also allow Square Enix to continue updating its franchises, including Dragon Quest and Star Ocean, and elsewhere in the Bloomberg piece Wada-san also commented that FFXII's release would be timed to ensure it wouldn't compete with other Square Enix titles for sales.

Square Enix also hopes to increase the percentage of Square Enix's worldwide sales outside Japan to 50 per cent, according to reports. Currently it rests at around 30 per cent.