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June 2010 Archive

    1. FFXIV PC in September, PS3 delayed
    2. Saturn games on PSN/XBLA?
    3. Potter demo wand-ers onto PS Store
    4. Metro 2034 a possibility for PS3
    5. New Yakuza game confirmed
    6. ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead
    7. New Tomb Raider due Xmas 2011
    8. Molyneux: Demos are "horrible"
    9. Molyneux responds to Milo release fuss
    10. Trinity Universe
    11. Mark Rein: "Triple-A isn't going away"
    12. Deathspank dev's new game is Swarm
    13. ShopTo calls for lower UK Kinect price
    14. PSP update forecasts NeoGeo support
    15. ShopTo puts Kinect at £129.99
    16. More Transformers games coming?
    17. Kinect tech spec finally revealed
    18. Next SSFIV costume pack out now
    19. New consoles in 3 years, reckons Reeves
    20. AC: Brotherhood gets UK release date
    21. Darksiders PC release pushed back
    22. Operation Arrowhead released
    23. Saints Row 3D also for XBLA
    24. Tax relief loss may drive out Acti, Sony
    25. Milo & Kate coming out after all
    26. Kinect supports two "active players"
    27. Podcast #24
    28. Puzzle Quest 2
    29. Red Dead "sucked oxygen", says Feder
    1. Metro 2033 sequel will be 3D
    2. Lionhead: Fable II's co-op "was rubbish"
    3. Satoru Iwata earns £500k a year
    4. Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer
    5. MS: No plans to release Milo & Kate
    6. EVE dev opens CCP Newcastle doors
    7. Wii GoldenEye controller for $70?
    8. APB to run adverts over voice chat
    9. PlayStation 3 finally profitable
    10. PlayStation Plus available now
    11. Naughty Bear
    12. IW "can build new franchises" - Activision
    13. Black Rock hiring for unannounced game
    14. MDK2 resurrected for PC, Wii
    15. iPhone 4 sells 1.7m in three days
    1. DS comfortably ahead in Japan
    2. New Pokemon dated for Japan
    3. Pricey 3D "not a concern" for Sony
    4. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Onslaught
    5. More Sony HD Collections coming
    6. Eurogamer appoints News Editor
    7. Nintendo announces 3DS handheld
    8. In Theory: Nintendo 3DS
    9. Nintendo 3DS is proper DS successor
    10. Nintendo 3DS to have 3D off switch
    11. Iwata: 3DS is not the "formal name"
    12. 3DS dev hardware images sighted?
    13. Nintendo registers 3DS trademarks
    14. NVIDIA unconnected with 3DS
    15. Nintendo unveils 3DS handheld
    16. Kid Icarus returns in 3DS instalment
    17. Mario Kart, PilotWings and more for 3DS
    18. Nintendo 3DS tech specifications
    19. Nintendo 3DS
    20. Ocarina of Time 3DS on show at E3
    21. European 3DS launch "by early next year"
    22. Digital Foundry vs. 3DS
    23. Report: 3DS to allow full game installs
    24. Nintendo 3DS graphics chip revealed
    25. 3DS to launch by April 2011 - Reggie
    26. Spector "blown away" by Nintendo 3DS
    27. Shake 3DS to shake DOA breasts
    28. "All players" can win at StarCraft II
    29. MGS Rising to become standalone series
    30. F1 2010
    31. Bungie explored Halo 4 before Reach
    32. Treyarch: Black Ops will be "best COD"
    33. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
    34. UK chart: LEGO Potter blocks competition
    35. Journey
    36. Takeuchi not involved with Resi Evil 6
    37. Tomb Raider dev's next game sighted?
    38. BF Heroes offers anniversary perks
    39. PS3 is "on fire", says EA's Schappert
    40. Molyneux fancies Kinect Black & White
    41. Microsoft takes anti-shovelware stance
    42. 'Splosion Man dev doing Turbine MMO
    43. Dead Rising 2 delayed a month
    44. BioWare excited by potential of Kinect
    45. BioWare's Greg Zeschuk
    1. Tech Analysis: Crackdown 2 demo
    1. No Relief
    2. Backbreaker
    3. Kane & Lynch 2 beta for Xbox 360
    4. Test Drive Unlimited 2 dated for September
    5. Ancel using small team to make BG&E2
    6. FF Tactics for iPhone in September
    7. Pretty DS Final Fantasy in October
    8. Download Games Roundup
    9. Steam's summer sale puffs into life
    10. Global Agenda drops subscription
    11. FarmVille arrives on the iPhone
    12. Halo: Reach co-op difficulty scales
    13. Puzzle Quest 2 on XBLA next week
    14. PS Plus subscriber content detailed
    1. Transformers: War For Cybertron
    2. "Closed" Xbox Live blocked FFXIV
    3. FFXIV Online beta "starting soon"
    4. Red Dead Redemption: Outlaws to the End
    5. Digital Foundry vs. MOH beta
    6. Dungeon Siege III
    7. Fallout: New Vegas
    8. Enslaved release date confirmed
    9. Free WMD rickshaw for Just Cause 2
    10. Monkey Island heads PSN update
    11. Atelier PS3 debut slated for Sept
    12. Guitar Hero Queen coming, says May
    13. No cross-game chat with PS Plus
    14. Square Enix wants more online freedom
    15. New PAL Releases Roundup
    16. China bans kids from microtransactions
    17. Dance Central could come to PS3
    18. SEGA making hardcore Kinect game
    19. Remedy "definitely" wants to do Wake 2
    20. Counter-Strike: Source released on Mac
    1. KOEI's Fist retains Japanese voices
    2. Demon's Souls
    3. EA iPhone games in big sale
    4. BBC iPlayer 3 for PS3 this year
    5. Reinventing Metroid
    6. New Metroid to challenge expectations
    7. Monkey Island 2 remake detailed
    8. 275 people working on Epic Mickey
    9. Sony improves PSP comic reader
    10. MS unveils family XBL subscription
    11. City of Heroes' Going Rogue dated
    12. English Yakuza 4 will have hostesses
    13. Price of Sonic XBLA games slashed
    14. DeathSpank dated for July
    15. Devil's Third slated for 2012
    16. Sledgehammer still staffing for COD FPS
    17. THQ to publish Itagaki's Devil's Third
    18. Devil's Third
    19. Wii successor "when we run out of ideas"
    20. EA Sports' Peter Moore
    21. Moore: No word on new SSX
    1. Red Dead Redemption shipments hit 5 million
    2. Apple sells three million iPads
    3. Dunaway: E3 too loud for Vitality Sensor
    4. UK budget scraps tax relief plans
    5. Podcast #23
    6. Second Doctor Who game on Saturday
    7. Eurogamer Android app goes live!
    8. Free ad-supported EG iPhone app!
    9. Kotick wishes COD was sub-based MMO
    10. Medal of Honor Multiplayer Beta
    11. Fable III "first step" of big PC push
    12. Jaffe "felt bad" about Twisted Metal fibs
    13. Podcast #22
    14. "No plans" for FFXIV on 360 - Tanaka
    15. Yoshida: "Almost all" devs exploring 3D
    16. Sony announces 3D line-up
    17. Microsoft's own shop says Kinect is $149
    18. Eurogamer's Best of E3 2010
    19. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
    1. Lewis: 360 has "at least" five more years
    2. Twisted Metal avoiding Move, 3D
    3. Killzone 2
    4. King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame
    5. Risk: Factions on XBLA this Wednesday
    6. UK charts: Red Dead outguns Mario
    7. Yamauchi: GT5 3D finished for two years
    8. Report: MS to bundle Kinect with 360
    9. Heavy Rain Chronicles DLC on hold
    10. Mass Effect 2: Overlord
    11. XBLA/PSN Crazy Taxi drops soundtrack
    12. Crackdown 2 demo today
    13. US retailers push $149 Kinect price
    1. Tech Interview: PlayStation Move
    2. Bridge Games
    3. inFamous 2
    4. Game Changer?
    5. Rage
    6. FIFA chief unconvinced by motion control
    7. Twisted Metal
    8. Download Games Roundup
    9. Kirby's Epic Yarn
    10. Gaikai signs Electronic Arts deal
    11. Alan Wake downloadable episodes priced
    12. ZOE3 "sort of pushed to the back"
    13. Child of Eden compatible with pads
    14. Child of Eden
    15. Halo: Reach is a "sad goodbye" - Bungie
    16. Rare: Kinect lag "not an issue"
    17. Reeves: Sony needs to release PSP2
    18. New PAL Releases Roundup
    1. Brink delayed until spring 2011
    2. Nintendo researched 3D for 20 years
    3. Scott Pilgrim game gets US date
    4. Medal of Honor 360 beta delayed
    5. Vanquish due out in October
    6. Fallout Online seeking beta sign-ups
    7. Portal 2
    8. Crysis 2
    9. New Xbox 360
    10. Gears of War 3
    11. Sony's Andrew House
    12. Gran Turismo 5
    13. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    14. Donkey Kong Country Returns
    15. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
    16. Gears of War 3's Beast mode detailed
    17. Cliffy: Gears hype "backfired in my face"
    18. Konami reveals Rebellion's NeverDead
    19. Metal Gear Solid: Rising detailed
    20. Team ICO "hard at work" on Last Guardian
    21. House cross-game chat a "side issue"
    1. Microsoft dismisses 3D as "future" tech
    2. LittleBigPlanet 2 in November
    3. Sony announces SingStar Dance, Guitar
    4. Namco announces Pac-Man Party for Wii
    5. THQ doing UFC fitness title
    6. Square Enix announces Mindjack
    7. LEGO Universe due in October
    8. Saints Row film to launch with next game
    9. Flower dev doing online adventure
    10. God of War: Ghost of Sparta details
    11. Cross-game chat in PlayStation Plus?
    12. Nintendo E3 Conference
    13. GoldenEye Wii remake this year
    14. Sly Cooper Collection sighted at E3
    15. Sly Collection detailed, out in autumn
    16. Bungie confirms Firefight for Reach
    1. Twisted Metal for PS3 in 2011
    2. Portal 2 coming to PlayStation 3
    3. Golden Sun DS out this Christmas
    4. New Donkey Kong Country for Wii
    5. Sony unveils subscription PSN option
    6. Kirby's Epic Yarn this autumn
    7. Wii Party due out this Christmas
    8. Nintendo shows Mario Sports Mix
    9. Sony E3 Conference
    10. Sony ties up DLC/pack-in exclusives
    11. PlayStation Move priced and dated
    12. Single-unit surround system for PS3
    13. Heavy Rain receiving Move controls
    14. Ubi unveils AC: Brotherhood multiplayer
    15. Gran Turismo 5 out in November
    16. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
    17. Killzone 3 due out in Feb 2011
    18. Nintendo unveils new Zelda Wii
    19. Warhammer 40,000 MMO named
    20. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
    21. XCOM
    22. True Crime
    23. Eurogamer partners with
    24. Driver: San Francisco
    25. Driver: San Francisco out this year
    26. Ubi doing Michael Jackson game
    27. Ubi shows Rayman Origins, Project Dust
    28. Ubi reveals Rez-style Kinect game
    29. Microsoft working on cheaper slim 360
    30. Ubi unveils Laser Quest-style shooter
    31. Ubisoft unveils PC UGC platform
    32. Modern Warfare 2 hits 20m sales
    33. BFBC2 gets Vietnam-set DLC expansion
    34. Tech Analysis: Kinect
    35. Xbox 360 Kinect
    36. Raving Rabbids Travel in Time revealed
    37. Sonic Colours
    38. Motionsports coming exclusively to 360
    39. Forza Motorsport for Kinect in 2011
    40. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is back
    41. Kinect out in the US on 4th November
    42. Crytek doing exclusive Xbox 360 game
    43. Microsoft E3 Conference
    44. Official: Natal is called Kinect
    45. Microsoft shows off Kinect at E3 event
    46. Greenberg: Kinect pricing "speculative"
    47. New 360 in US this week, July in Europe
    48. Face-Off: Geometry Wars 2/Touch
    49. Kinect needs separate plug on old 360s
    50. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
    51. Ubi title Innergy to measure pulse rate
    1. Crysis 2 "Holiday 2010", full 3D support
    2. MS shows Kinect Hub and Video Kinect
    3. New Xbox 360: the tech breakdown
    4. GameStop gives Kinect $149.99 price
    5. Microsoft lists third-party Kinect titles
    6. Microsoft does Star Wars Kinect deal
    7. Fable III gets release date
    8. COD DLC first on 360 for three years
    9. Bodycount
    10. de Blob 2 supports 3D on PS3/360
    11. AC: Brotherhood due out in November
    12. Dance Central DLC "won't be weekly"
    13. Fallout: New Vegas dated
    14. Red Dead holds off Mario Galaxy 2
    15. Xbox Kinect due in November
    16. MS man: Kinect "perfect name" for Natal
    17. TRON: Evolution
    18. Vanquish
    19. Crysis 2 playable entirely in 3D
    1. How to make a Cataclysm
    2. Awareness of Natal and Move very low
    3. Take-Two settles Duke Forever suit
    4. Kojima signing Peace Walker in London
    5. Hip hop artist Drake in Gears of War 3
    6. Sony countdown teasing new Patapon?
    7. Mizuguchi's new game at Ubi conference
    8. MW2 Resurgence Pack gets PC/PS3 date
    9. inFamous 2 out in 2011, fully detailed
    10. Natal Cirque de Soleil event detailed
    11. Ubi confirms Assassin's director exit
    12. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
    13. Over 3000 new quests in WOW: Cataclysm
    1. 3D Super Stardust boosts 2D performance
    2. Premium PSN reveal for E3?
    3. Tech Interview: LittleBigPlanet 2
    4. Safe Bets
    5. Bilson: My job is to protect the games
    1. No Project Natal or DLC plans for F1 2010
    2. FCC approves new PS3 model numbers
    3. El Shaddai confirmed for Europe
    4. Duke: Manhattan Project possible for PSN
    5. Japanese charts: PSP at number one
    6. Shogun 2: Total War
    7. In Theory: How Blu-ray players could host cloud gaming
    8. Download Games Roundup
    9. Natal to be renamed Wave, says report
    10. E3 Portal 2 event replaced by "surprise"
    11. Microsoft E3 conference announced
    12. E3 Natal premiere by Cirque du Soleil
    13. Natal to cost a hundred quid - report
    14. Activision GoldenEye game in November
    15. SEGA unveils Sonic Colours for Wii, DS
    16. inFamous 2 confirmed by Sony
    17. Sony unveils MotorStorm: Apocalypse
    18. MotorStorm: Apocalypse
    19. Sony's Ray Maguire
    20. Pachter: Twisted Metal quip "a guess"
    21. Rockstar opts out of E3
    22. The Conduit 2 gets MotionPlus support
    23. NBA Jam Wii due in October
    24. Final Fantasy II comes to Virtual Console
    25. JellyCar 2 heading to Wii and DSi
    26. No plans for PC Red Dead Redemption
    27. EA announces Spare Parts for PSN/XBLA
    28. Trine sequel, new Ace Team game at E3
    29. 3D Animal Crossing on the way?
    30. Mass Effect 2 Overlord DLC dated
    31. Crysis 2 in autumn, MP beta planned
    32. Homefront
    1. Maguire: People will buy 3D content
    2. Dreamcast games heading to PSN/XBLA
    3. Eidos Montreal's Jean-François Dugas
    4. Deus Ex: Fan Service
    5. MotorStorm unconcerned by Split/Second
    6. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Onslaught
    7. Bad Company 2 Onslaught pack dated
    8. SBK X Superbike World Championship
    9. Perry: Gaikai could host E3 demos
    10. New Pac-Man game set for E3
    11. New action Need for Speed at E3
    12. New Driver to be shown at E3
    13. SEGA planning E3 Shogun 2 reveal?
    14. Report: Hulu heading to Xbox 360
    15. Activision unveils GH: Warriors of Rock
    16. MotorStorm 3 to go urban, apocalyptic?
    17. Red Faction: Armageddon detailed
    18. Joy Ride now a Natal launch game?
    19. River Rush sighted in Natal video
    20. New Kingdom Hearts will be at E3
    21. Valve E3 reveal "isn't Ep 3" - Newell
    22. Squenix confirms Dungeon Siege III
    23. Respawn promises big reveal at E3
    24. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
    25. No online Manager Mode in FIFA 11
    26. FIFA 11 to "reinvent player authenticity"
    27. FIFA 11
    28. No Respawn announcement at E3
    29. Itagaki to unveil new game at E3
    30. Enslaved due out in October
    31. 3rd Birthday, KH Re:coded heading West
    32. Portal 2 due out next year
    33. Sony confirms "PS4" videos are fake
    34. Rock Band 3 has real guitar, Pro mode
    35. DJ Hero 2
    36. Warner Bros. revamping Mortal Kombat
    37. APB Key to the City event delayed
    38. Medal of Honor multiplayer beta date
    39. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    40. Blacklight: Tango Down
    41. FIFA 11 developers tackle Clubs, quitters
    42. Space Invaders Infinity for PSN/XBLA
    43. Mortal Kombat video chap has film vision
    44. Neversoft staffing for "action shooter"
    45. 6x XP week for Gears of War 2
    46. MS: Halo 3 outsold six PS3 titles combined
    1. PS3 3D titles priced, out this week
    2. Scott Pilgrim is timed PSN exclusive
    3. Ubisoft doing Scott Pilgrim game
    4. Telltale doing Back to the Future games
    5. NeoGeo Battle Coliseum on XBLA
    6. Force Unleashed II CE detailed
    7. GFW Live aiming for "day and date"
    8. Mafia II demo due out in August
    9. Jeri Ryan explains Mortal Kombat video
    10. Joe Danger heads up PSN update
    11. Zelnick: BioShock has "long life indeed"
    12. MAG Interdiction pack this month
    13. Power Gig gets drum-less drumkit
    14. Telltale working on Jurassic Park games
    15. Max Payne 3 slips out of 2010
    1. Joe Danger could appear on other formats
    2. Yakuza 4 heading to Europe in 2011
    3. Forza 3 Summer Velocity pack released
    4. FIFA 11 detailed in UK lads mag
    5. DJ Hero 2 due out this autumn
    6. Marvelous sticking to sequels in future
    7. PSN dragon blaster Hoard unveiled
    8. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
    9. FarmVille for iPhone this month
    10. Joe Danger
    11. New Guitar Hero guitars detailed
    12. Apple announces and dates iPhone 4
    13. Countdown clock appears on Rare site
    14. Green Day: Rock Band
    1. Sonic Adventure coming to XBLA and PSN?
    2. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
    3. Red Dead still riding high in UK charts
    4. Earthworm Jim HD out this Wednesday
    5. EA sued over Sports Active trademark
    6. Ice-T to star in Gears of War 3?
    7. Kim Kardashian to play Lara Croft?
    8. Games for Android
    1. Feedback loop
    2. Skate 3 Maloof Money DLC dated
    3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    4. FIFA Online open beta begins
    5. LOTRO to relaunch as free-to-play
    6. Matsuura reveals Gaye music game
    7. Red Dead Redemption co-op DLC dated
    8. ShopTo to cut cost of DSi by £15
    9. Ubisoft teases "non-game" projects
    10. Squenix warns of FFXI server breach
    11. Treyarch now "100 per cent" Call of Duty
    12. New PAL Releases Roundup
    13. Ninety Nine Nights II in June in US
    14. Squenix unveils Kumanage for WiiWare
    15. APB minimum specs revealed
    16. Multiple co-op modes in COD: Black Ops
    17. Contra heading to PSN and XBLA
    18. Harmonix doing Natal dance game?
    19. Red Dead title update next week
    20. Download Games Roundup
    1. Alien Breed available on Steam now
    2. LEGO Potter demo next week
    3. Def Jam Rapstar gets UK street date
    4. GAME taking Natal pre-orders soon
    5. EA predicts Spain World Cup win
    6. 2K confirms Jordan for NBA 2K11
    7. MW2 Resurgence DLC at 6pm UK
    8. Martinet to appear at SMG2 launch event
    9. Rooms: The Main Building
    10. Company of Heroes Online heading West
    11. Pure Football
    12. R.U.S.E. given firm UK date
    13. Shogun 2: Total War confirmed, detailed
    14. DDO Update 5 dated, brings airships
    15. Dr Who Adventures live in the UK
    16. MS didn't think Halo was a good name
    17. Sony UK not bundling HDMI with PS3
    18. SEGA doing Sonic racing game for Natal?
    19. DarkStar One: Broken Alliance
    20. Third batch of DLC coming for Alan Wake
    21. Project Ten Dollar "improves experience"
    1. DSi price drop confirmed for UK
    2. Green Day: RB demo on PSN Store
    3. Activision hosting indie competition
    4. New NBA game to "evolve" basketball
    5. Japan gets new DSi XL colours
    6. The EGTV Show: The Videogames Election - Episode 2
    7. Rare receives birthday makeover
    8. Direct feed: Wired's iPad edition
    9. Virgin returns to videogames
    10. Espgaluda II
    11. DC Universe dated for November
    12. Snoopy Flying Ace on XBLA tomorrow
    13. Ubisoft to re-open R.U.S.E. beta?
    14. Eufloria coming to PSN next year
    1. SOE reveals Star Wars: Clone Wars MMO
    2. The First Templar coming to PC, 360
    3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1
    4. Cage's next project called Horizon?
    5. Sony unveils new PSPgo deal
    6. Joe Danger gets Euro date and price
    7. Podcast #21
    8. ICO and Shadow of the Colossus emulated in HD
    9. Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer
    10. EA unveils combat-driven Harry Potter
    11. Beyond Good & Evil 2 still in development
    12. Naughty Dog fixing Uncharted 2 errors
    13. EA Wii NHL game has stick peripheral
    14. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
    15. UK charts: Red Dead rides high again
    16. Joe Danger due out next week
    17. COD: Black Ops MP preceded campaign
    18. Sony registers inFamous 2 domain
    19. Portuguese magazine teases inFamous 2
    20. Sony Cambridge working on PlayTV 2?
    21. Japan's PS3 3D game updates next week
    22. Brunswick Pro Bowling coming for Natal
    23. EA hints at Mass Effect multiplayer
    24. PES team wasn't "prepared" for this gen
    25. Pokemon Black/White dated for West
    26. StarCraft II beta extended
    27. Face-Off: Blur