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Neversoft staffing for "action shooter"

Guitar Hero developer looking ahead.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Current Guitar Hero developer Neversoft is seeking level designers to work on a "new action shooter game", prompting speculation the studio is going to get to turn its hand to something other than plastic instruments.

"Neversoft Entertainment, located in Woodland Hills, CA, is currently seeking experienced Level Builders to work on new action shooter game," a job advert picked up on by superannuation declared.

"If you have a passion for design, and you can create realistic levels by bringing concept art to life, then we are looking for you."

Neversoft has worked on shooty stuff before, most notably its western title Gun, but is best known for its work on the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series - before Activision threw it off a sales cliff onto the jagged rocks of failure - and with Guitar Hero since Harmonix was acquired by MTV.

Inevitably there's some speculation that Neversoft will become yet another Call of Duty developer. Activision currently has its new action studio Sledgehammer working on a COD title, while Treyarch pumps out this year's COD: Black Ops, and other titles are known to be in the works.

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