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Metro 2033 sequel will be 3D

Dubbed, imaginatively, Metro 2034.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

THQ has revealed a sequel to Metro 2033. It's called Metro 2034 and will be offered in 3D.

Core games boss Danny Bilson shared the information with CVG.

THQ showed Metro 2033 running in NVIDIA 3D at E3 earlier this month. Bilson said the higher development costs of 3D are offset by the "unbelievably reasonable" cost of operations in Kiev, Ukraine.

Metro 2033 was developed for PC and Xbox 360. Bilson didn't mention what formats the sequel will be on.

Metro 2033, released in March this year, offered a spooky, subway-set shooter in post-apocalyptic Russia. Praise was high; Eurogamer's interview explains why.

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