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Mizuguchi's new game at Ubi conference

Unveiling tomorrow afternoon.

Q Entertainment is set to unveil its new game at Ubisoft's E3 press conference tomorrow, 14th June.

"Q Entertainment's new game to be revealed on Monday @5pm PST at the LA Theater. Set your clocks now! Return to SYNESTHAESIA!!" the developer tweeted (thanks VG247).

Ubisoft's press conference is set for 5pm PST tomorrow, 14th June (1am BST on 15th June for some of us).

Last year the French publisher revealed that it was collaborating on a new game with Q's Tetsuya Mizuguchi called Eden.

At the time Ubisoft US boss Laurent Detoc said it would provide "new sensory experiences".

Mizuguchi's previous games include legendary puzzle game Lumines, which began life on PSP and spread to loads of other formats including PSN and Xbox Live Arcade.