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Eurogamer appoints News Editor

Say hello to Wesley!

I'm very happy to announce that we have appointed Wesley Yin-Poole as News Editor of Eurogamer.net and he begins his adventure today.

Wesley is an experienced games journalist with an impeccable CV and his ambitions for Eurogamer's news coverage are in line with ours - although his unauthorised support of Chelsea FC most definitely is not.

Wesley will work closely with Robert Purchese and our US News Editor, whom we will be appointing shortly, along with the rest of the Eurogamer editorial team to increase the quality, breadth and timeliness of our news.

"I'm hugely excited to be joining the editorial team at Eurogamer.net," said Wesley after I finished setting up his PC and we solved the problem where he could basically only receive emails from me.

"This is an amazing opportunity, one I intend to grab with both hands and shake until rations and ammo and other useful items fall out. Videogame news is my passion, and I can't wait to get stuck in."

I know you'll all make Wesley feel very welcome, because you're unfalteringly awesome. You will also be able to hear him make his Eurogamer.net Podcast debut on Tuesday at 3pm! Join us!


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