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Team ICO "hard at work" on Last Guardian

But no word on when we'll see it again.

Sony's European boss Andrew House has admitted it would be nice to see The Last Guardian again, but has no idea when we will.

"Yes, we would love to have more of an update on The Last Guardian. The team is hard at work on it," he told Eurogamer after the game's no-show at the Sony conference.

"Having spent six years working in Japan, I can guarantee you people will be hard at work, all hours of the night and day," he said when we asked whether they were really hard at work on it or just watching Hollyoaks and eating crisps.

"I have not seen it recently, other than what's been shown publicly," he added.

So why not give us an update at E3? After all, it was originally announced at E3 in 2009, and now it's disappeared. "I think the team just made a decision that they didn't want to talk about the progress on the game or reveal it at this particular stage, and we have to respect that," House explained.

"I couldn't say right now," was his take when we asked if Last Guardian will be at Cologne's gamescom in August or the Tokyo Game Show later this year.

Oh well. Watch last year's trailer again, close your eyes and hope.