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Joe Danger due out next week


Hello Games has announced that 2D stunt bike racer Joe Danger will be released for PlayStation 3 on 8th June in the US.

There's no word on whether that means we'll see it on the European PlayStation Store next Wednesday, but we're asking.

Joe Danger pits players against bright, colourful networks of ramps, bounce pads, hurdles and other obstacles and invites them to collect things, perform stunts and race against the clock.

It's brilliantly bright and cheery, sounds like the happiest eighties child ever, and will be reviewed soon, assuming we ever stop playing it.

Check out our Joe Danger hands-on report for more on the game, its community features and its wicked level editing tools.

Four-man development startup Hello Games has previously said that PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game are not impossible but not currently planned.