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Joe Danger still iffy for PC, 360

Hello Games making "no promises".

Hello Games' Sean Murray has told Eurogamer that Joe Danger may not be released on any format other than PS3.

"I mean there are no promises that any other versions will get released," he told us. "We spend most of our time living on the very hairy limit, but hopefully there'll be other opportunities.

"We just want to make the best PSN game possible for now," he added.

Hello Games was spotted registering a PC trademark for Joe Danger last week. Murray was "surprised" at the attention, but found it "awesome" people cared.

"The truth is we've had a PC version going since the beginning," he explained, "from back when we couldn't get console dev-kits.

Would you?

"ESRB gave us a reduced rate to get two ratings at once, so I thought let's get PC rated at the same time."

But, to reiterate: Joe Danger will be released on PS3 only for the moment.

And look good it does, as Tom Bramwell discovered when he played the game last month.