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MAG Interdiction pack this month

New game mode, three new maps.

Sony and Zipper Interactive have announced an expansion pack for MAG, due out on 23rd June for €7.99.

The Interdiction pack introduces a new game mode for 128 simultaneous players, where two rival factions attack and try to seize three command posts.

The objective is to capture and hold as many of the command posts as possible. You'll be supported along the way by heavily-armed convoys.

The pack will include three new maps to play the Interdiction mode on - Lake Bayano Spur, Sovot Motorway and Iron Creek Quarry.

The maps are faction-neutral, and each squad will have its own APC (for 16 in total).

Zipper is also including a new "Heavy Improved" armour set and new in-game medals, ribbons and Trophies, which are detailed on the official PlayStation Blog.

The developer also revealed that 1.7 million players have racked up 930,000 battles and over 1.1 billion kills since MAG came out in January.

We can expect more content for MAG to follow, too. "Zipper have big plans for MAG for a while to come yet. Watch this space for more news over the coming weeks and months," European producer Elliott Martin wrote.