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No cross-game chat with PS Plus

Sony fills in the blanks.

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Sony's new online subscription service PlayStation Plus won't support cross-game chat - for the time being.

PSN product manager James Thorpe clarified this on the European PlayStation blog.

He went on to explain that subscribers will receive "at least" four games a month for free: one PSN game, two Minis and one PSone oldie.

The selection will refresh every month and be available as long as you remain a subscriber. These games can be shared by accounts on the same console.

In addition, two dynamic themes, two premium avatars and various game add-ons will also be offered each month for free.

The discounts, Thorpe explained, will range between the 20 per cent and 50 per cent mark. And he said that two full games will be available to trial each month for one hour.

Sony's premium PSN service was unveiled at E3. Among the more controversial of the features are automated downloads, which switch the machine on to tackle boresome firmware waits. However, Thorpe noted that firmware will still need to be manually installed.

Subscriptions to PlayStation Plus cost €14.99 for 90 days' access or €49.99 for the year.

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