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Remedy "definitely" wants to do Wake 2

Can't see why Microsoft wouldn't go for it.

Alan Wake developer Remedy would love to make a sequel to its Xbox 360-exclusive psychological thriller, but Microsoft hasn't said yes yet.

That's according to head of franchise development Oskari Hakkinen, who told IGN that the studio is "in a limbo at the moment".

"We're still in launch phase of Alan Wake 1, but Microsoft have an option for [a sequel]. That was in the deal a long time ago.

"I don't see why they wouldn't. We're happy with the partnership and they're happy with the game. I think it fits in their portfolio quite nicely. I don't see any reason why we wouldn't continue with Microsoft and why we wouldn't renew the IP. We definitely want a sequel of course."

Hakkinen also said that a sequel would take considerably less time to produce.

"Max Payne 1 took us also five years to make. Max Payne 2 took us 18 months. I think we'd be looking at something of a similar cycle."

As to what happens in the meantime, Hakkinen said that there are no downloadable content plans beyond The Signal and The Writer, but more content is a possibility.

"Originally we agreed that we'd only do two," he explained.

"Microsoft are interested in more episodes. Where we're sitting right now is we'll see how these go. We'll see how the attach rate is to the episodes."

The Signal is a free add-on for the game available to people who bought the game new, and will be released on 27th July. The Writer is the game's first premium content and is due out later, with a 560 Microsoft Points (£4.76 / €6.72) price tag.

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