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SEGA planning E3 Shogun 2 reveal?

Total wahey.

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New reports suggest developer Creative Assembly and publisher SEGA are planning a Shogun 2: Total War reveal for E3.

Turkish website Oyungezer claimed (via Kotaku) to have booked an appointment with SEGA to see the game at E3.

Backing that up was a leaked press release posted on TWCenter. This was removed but caught and republished by Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

According to the document, Shogun 2 will revisit the era of Medieval Japan that started the Total War series back in 2000. And the idea will be to reunite the land during the golden era of Samurai warfare.

This time, Creative Assembly has 10-years' worth of improvements to call upon, such as campaign multiplayer, naval battles and garrisoned buildings or castles (that can be set fire to to flush the cowardly rats out).

In Shogun 2, multiplayer battles will apparently handle eight generals at once and results will be recorded by leaderboards and through an upgradable, persistent avatar. There's also support for clans.

Furthermore, Shogun 2's AI adjusts battle strategies on the fly using Sun Tzu's teachings, and land battles include multi-staged castle sieges and dynamic terrain that responds to the weather.

All that plus an evolved UI and better tutorials, apparently.

Could this be the "another direction" SEGA boss Mike Hayes said last month that the Total War series will be heading?

Medieval: Total War had a sequel, so why not?

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