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Tomb Raider dev's next game sighted?

Looks like CD's new game is a horror.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Art that appears to be from a horror game developed by Tomb Raider studio Crystal Dynamics has popped up on the internet.

Former employee Casey Holtz called the project a "third-person, survival-horror, openworld game" on his blog (via VG247). He shared sketches of monsters, environments and events, and used an editor to build and capture level layouts.

Commenting on his work, Holtz revealed a climbing mechanic similar to Tomb Raider. The game apparently follows a lone adventurer who explores ruins, subways and caves and eventually bumps into some hideous beasts.

Another ex-CD artist Joel Boucquemont offered much grander, scene-setting art. His work showed a devastated and deserted cityscape and some very dark environments.

Super sleuth Superannuation believes the game is called Downfall.

Crystal Dynamics apparently has two teams: one small gang working on the downloadable adventure Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, and everybody elese concentrating on the pillar Tomb Raider instalments. At least, that's what the studio's Karl Stewart told Eurogamer in May.

So, this is the new Tomb Raider?

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