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Sony countdown teasing new Patapon?

Looks very much like it.

Sony has whacked up a countdown clock for what very much looks like a new Patapon game.

The clock is visible on the Japanese PlayStation site amid stormy noises.

Every few seconds a lightning strike plays and a background image that looks uncannily like Patapon is partially illuminated.

According to the countdown we'll find out whatever this is about in just under 94 hours from the time of writing.

Sony's E3 press conference takes place at 12pm PST / 8pm BST on Tuesday, 15th June, which is a mere 56 hours away. Amazing scenes.

Patapon is a cute little action game played on the PSP, in which you rhythmically issue commands to tribesmen in a side-scrolling environment.

Check out our review of the original Patapon for more. Patapon 2 was released in March 2009.

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