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Duke: Manhattan Project possible for PSN

Broussard hopeful about Duke Nukem 3D.

3D Realms boss George Broussard has told Eurogamer that he hopes to see Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project and Duke Nukem 3D appear on PlayStation Network.

"I would like to see this game and Duke Nukem 3D on PSN, so we'll see what happens," he told us.

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project will arrive on Xbox Live on 23rd June. "This is the Xbox 360 version of the 2002 game and it's found a perfect home on the 360," Broussard said of the game, which will cost 800 Microsoft Points.

The game sees Duke trying to rid New York City of the evil Mech Morphix. There are 24 levels, with locations ranging from Chinatown to space.