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Mass Effect 2 Overlord DLC dated

Duke: Manhattan Project for XBLA too.

Microsoft's latest Xbox Live schedule has given us solid dates for the Mass Effect 2 Overlord expansion and the Xbox Live Arcade re-release of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

Overlord introduces a new villain, five new missions, a new planet and a pair of new Achievements, and those of you still hammering away at the Collector menace can get stuck into that on Tuesday, 15th June for the previously announced price of 560 Microsoft Points (£4.80 / €6.70).

Apparently a Mass Effect 2 demo will be released on the same day.

As for Duke, the Manhattan Project - a side-scrolling shooter originally released on the PC way back in 2002 to decent reviews - will be with us on 23rd June for 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80 / €9.60).