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Rock Band 3 has real guitar, Pro mode

Plus keyboards, seven-member bands.

Harmonix has announced details of Rock Band 3, including its keyboard controller and Pro mode.

Gameplay for the 25-key MIDI keyboard will be closer to the real-life equivalent than ever, with a full two-octave range.

Pro mode, however, takes this further. New guitar controllers based on the Fender Squier Stratocaster (official) and Fender Mustang Pro (Mad Catz) will have six actual strings to strum.

In-game, Pro mode's notations will be closer to real music, and the guitars will interpret your input in a way that, ultimately, will mean you are learning how to play the instrument in real life too.

Drummers will have three new cymbals to master on their standard four-drum pads, while vocalists already know about the inclusion of Beatles and Green Day-style harmonies.

Other modes include a new goal-based career with a story, and it will be possible to drop in and out of gameplay without disrupting song playback. Which is just as well, because bands can now have up to seven members playing at once.

Good news for those of you who have been hoarding Rock Band Music Store downloads, too - Harmonix is promising a new filtering system.

Check out a USA Today report on YouTube to see a bit of the game in action.

Rock Band 3 is due out this autumn.