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Eurogamer Android app goes live!

Mech the most of it.

Eurogamer is now run by androids! Wait no, let's try that again: Eurogamer now has a proper Android application!

It's free and created by Pete who you might know as JohnnyWashnGo - a name no doubt inspired by the convenient shampoo and conditioner hybrid Wash and Go, which celebrated its 21st birthday last month. Exciting times.

Ooh, uncanny.

The Eurogamer app can be found in the Android market.

The app lets you read and comment on main site news, reviews, previews and hands-on articles. You may also view galleries and use the Eurogamer forum.

Pete said the app was written for Android OS version 1.5 and above, so people with old phones might struggle, but most of you should be fine.

And finally, "lots" of improvements are planned for the "near future", so expect "frequent" updates.

Thanks, Pete! You're a hero!

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