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Alan Wake downloadable episodes priced

The Signal and The Writer.

Remedy has said that its first two downloadable add-on episodes for Alan Wake will cost 560 Microsoft Points apiece (£4.76 / €6.72).

The Finnish developer confirmed the pricing to Joystiq.

The first of the two episodes, The Signal, is free to anyone who kept hold of the redeemable code that came with new copies of Alan Wake, and is out on 27th July.

The second episode, The Writer, will be 560 MSP and will be followed by a third episode later in the year. (Update: Whoops, no it won't! Sorry about that.)

Alan Wake is a psychological action-adventure in which a man with writer's block runs around the woods shooting shadows with his light-gun. We liked it a fair bit.

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Alan Wake

Xbox 360, PC

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