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Third batch of DLC coming for Alan Wake

Plus: New details of The Signal. Spoiler alert.

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Remedy's Matias Myllyrinne has said that not one, not two but three batches of downloadable content are on the way for Alan Wake.

Two of these - The Signal and The Writer - have already been announced. But Myllyrinne has also told MTV, "We'll have a further pack coming later this year."

The Remedy boss went on to reveal more of what we can expect from The Signal, which is due to hit Xbox Live on next month. (You might want to stop reading right now if you don't like spoilers.)

It's set not in Bright Falls but in the weird world which Alan encounters during the final scenes of the original game. Does that more of that business with the torch and the nouns?

"We have a nifty way of moving [the story] forward and materialising that into gameplay and storytelling without going into a mode of weirdness," said Myllyrinne. "For a thriller to work you need it to be grounded in reality. Otherwise all bets are off because the rules don't really apply. So we wanted to have it kind of grounded in reality but also to take a more twisted take, because this is an extreme place and position he finds himself in."

He went on to say The Signal will feature something similar to the New York City dream sequence, where environments appear real but "there's something off".

The Signal will be released on 28th July, and will be free to download providing you held onto the code included in the box.

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