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Monkey Island 2 remake detailed

Analogue control! More help! Voices!

The upcoming special edition of Monkey Island 2 will finally allow players to control hero Guybrush with the analogue stick.

Last summer's Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition mapped points to A and clicks to B, but still went on to earn 9/10 on Eurogamer.

IGN, spotting the difference, also noted that alongside the three-tiered hint system is an L1-mapped helper that highlights objects you can interact with. R2, meanwhile, produces a radial menu of the actions that best suit an object rather than the whole lot.

What's more, Monkey Island 2: Special Edition can overlay new voice-overs on the original game in Classic Mode. And there's the option to turn them off altogether if you so wish.

Commentary from developers Tim Schafer, Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman will be accessible (prompted) at certain points throughout the adventure, and there are various concept art unlocks that await your eye.

Monkey Island 2: Special Edition will be released 7th July on Mac, PC, PSN and XBLA. iPhone and iPad conversions are expected later this summer.

Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition currently costs 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. Snap it up.