Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge


VideoMonkey Island 2: Special Edition

LucasArts bring back Guybrush Threepwood again.

VideoMonkey Island 2 Special Edition

Schafer, Gilbert and Grossman talk shop.

Cast your mind back to 1991, when PC gaming consisted almost entirely of pointing at things, then clicking on them. It was so much simpler then. Apart from all the impossibly hard puzzles that could only be solved by combining random objects in an arbitrary order, of course.

Guybrush Threepwood does not have an American accent. He just doesn't. He has a cool British accent. Case closed. The more LucasArts attempt to cut and paste the 'official' vocals of Dominic Armato over Threepwood's voicebox, the further they are straying from the vital template that exists inside my head. In the days before CD-ROM, I forged this character's voice in the more central parts of my brain, and ever since its creators have done their utmost to undermine it. The same goes for Stan the used ship/coffin salesman. Stan doesn't sound like that in my head either, and his voice should accentuate more whenever his hands point directly upwards.

Monkey Island 2 leads PSN Store update

Monkey Island 2 leads PSN Store update

New offers, DLC, comics, demos, more.

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge joins the PlayStation Store today. This, like the first game, has been beautifully restored for a new set of eyes that aren't old and world-weary. And for those old-timers there is developer commentary and nostalgia to loosen a tear. Monkey Island 2 costs eight quid.

The PlayStation Store has a new batch of discounts to consider, none of which knock us silly, plus a slew of add-on game content. Dragon Age grows with Leilana's Song, Modern Warfare 2 finally receives the Resurgence Pack and Aliens vs. Predator gets some new maps.

Also worth pointing out is a demo for Patapon 3 on PSP.

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