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Kirby's Epic Yarn this autumn

New and pretty 2D side-scroller.

Nintendo has unveiled a new Kirby game for Wii called Kirby's Epic Yarn, and it's out this autumn.

The beautiful-looking 2D side-scroller debuted at the Nintendo E3 conference with pretty woollen, patchwork visuals and merry Disney-esque music.

Kirby was seen using wool to whip things and, as ever, he could change into other forms like a parachute, a car, a surfboard, a submarine, a robo-tank and a UFO.

According to the post-conference press materials, the world is "stunning, but it's also interactive" - one example is that "pulling on stray threads might reveal hidden areas", and when Kirby goes behind the scenes "the virtual fabric wraps and bends to show his location".

We're also told that it has lots of gems and collectible items (no!) and that two players can play through the entire game together.

Epic Yarn. Not yam.

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Kirby's Epic Yarn

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