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Double Dragon for Nintendo 3DS eShop

Kirby TV channel launches for Wii.

This week's Nintendo eShop update arrives tomorrow and adds Game Boy brawler Double Dragon to the 3DS Virtual Console.

Originally released by Taito in 1987, Double Dragon is the spiritual successor to arcade beat 'em up classic Renegade.

Also available is Nintendo's own Radar Mission, a Battleships-type affair designed by Game Boy creator Gunpei Yokoi. Both games will set you back €3 - around £2.70.

Nintendo has also announced the Kirby TV Channel, available tomorrow as a download for the Wii.

The application will stream 50 episodes of the Kirby anime, with four to be immediately available. Two new toons will be added each week, replacing older episodes.

Series Kirby: Right Back at Ya! was originally broadcast in Japan between 2001 and 2003. A trailer for the English dub, first shown in the US in 2006, lies below.

Kirby's Epic Yarn launched earlier this year and strung an 8/10 Eurogamer review from John Teti. Nintendo is now planning Kirby Wii, a previously canned GameCube game, for release this Christmas.

  • Double Dragon - 3DS Virtual Console - €3
  • Radar Mission - 3DS Virtual Console - €3
  • Just SING! 80s Collection - 3DS/DSiWare - €5, 500 Points
  • Delbo - 3DS/DSiWare - €2, 200 Points
  • NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits demo - Wii - free
  • Kirby TV Channel - Wii - free

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