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Nintendo won’t preach Kirby to COD fans

Wants everybody to eat "great apple pie".

As it has successfully proven time and time again with the Wii and DS, there's seemingly no market that Nintendo is afraid of chasing down. However, it would appear the platform holder has finally drawn a line in the sand.

According to the producer of ultra-cute Wii platformer Kirby's Epic Yarn, which hit shops last week, Nintendo has ring-fenced the Call of Duty market and labelled it a lost cause.

"We do not intend to convince the fans of Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto to play Kirby games," Kensuke Tanabe told Eurogamer.

However, via a bizarre, long-winded apple pie analogy, Tanabe added that if headshot-hungry shooter fans should choose to step into the pink, fluffy world of Kirby, they might be surprised by how much fun lay in store.

"People have likes and dislikes," he explained.

"If someone really hates apple pies, even the best-tasting apple pie in the world would not satisfy him. On the other hand, if those who have never eaten apple pie found interest in apple pie and got really satisfied when they actually eat one – isn't it possible to make them new apple pie fans?

"I believe the first step for that possibility is to let more people know that there is a great apple pie available in the world."

Right on brother.

Somewhere beneath all that pie crust, Tanabe might actually have a point. Eurogamer's John Teti awarded Epic Yarn a wholesome 8/10 when he got entangled with the US version late last year.