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US retailers push $149 Kinect price

Four of them. MS still says it's TBA.

Microsoft won't budge on the line that Xbox 360 Kinect pricing has yet to be determined, despite all the major US games retailers lining up behind a $149 price point.

As noted by Joystiq, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and Walmart all want $149 or thereabouts to pre-order the add-on.

Meanwhile, the Twitter feed for Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has turned into a mixture of Foursquare posts, banter and occasional reiterations of, "No Kinect price announced yet, retail price estimates are purely speculative, final price & pack-in details are not yet determined."

Over in the UK, Amazon and Play list Kinect but don't mention a price, while GAME insists, "No pricing has been announced."

Microsoft has said that Kinect will be out in the US on 4th November and will be released worldwide soon after.