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Ice-T to star in Gears of War 3?

Man himself says so. Then takes it back.

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Nutty old rapper Ice-T is set to star in the next Gears of War game - or is he?

As reported by Giant Bomb -T declared his involvement during a live Ustream conversation. However, he immediately followed up with, "I didn't just say that."

Except he did, and this isn't the first we've heard of such a possibility. Kotaku points out that he told Cliff Bleszinski he'd like to be in Gears of War 3 back in April 2009, promising, "Put Ice-T on the box, that's a million sales right there."

"If there is a Gears 3, which you never know, I have a feeling there will be a part for you," said Bleszinski.

To which Ice-T responded: "I would love to do that man, we need to talk."

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