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EA sued over Sports Active trademark

Company wants $75,000 plus legal fees.

Exercise website the Active Network has filed a lawsuit against Electronic Arts.

The company is complaining that forthcoming Wii, PS3 and iPhone game EA Sports Active 2.0 infringes its trademarks.

As reported by Gamespot, Active Network reckons it owns the right to use the word "active" in relation to all things sporty, such as personal training schedules, fitness chat rooms and workout trackers.

It's claimed that the online functionality in EA Sports Active 2.0 will make it a direct competitor to Active.com. (The previous games didn't have any online options, so the company wasn't bothered.)

Active Network is asking for $75,000 in damages, legal fees, and an injunction that prevents EA from releasing or promoting the new title. EA has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

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