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Pachter: Twisted Metal quip "a guess"

"It's the game I hope he's working on."

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Analyst Michael Pachter has told Eurogamer that what he said about a Twisted Metal PS3 game was "a guess".

"I know nothing about what David [Jaffe] is working on, other than that it is a 'really great game', according to him, but I suppose that goes without question," he said.

"My Twisted Metal comment is purely conjecture, it's the game I hope he's working on, but I do not have confirmation from him about it, and have not been briefed by anyone under NDA.

"It wasn't a slip," he added, "it was an intentional comment, and it is just my best guess as to what he's working on. For the sake of the gaming community, I hope I'm right."

Michael Pachter mentioned Twisted Metal in an interview when reeling off solid games that were coming to PS3. Jaffe later tweeted that what Pachter had said was "a joke".

A PS3 version of Twisted Metal has not been confirmed. Jaffe, co-creator of the series, is adamant he's not making the game.

Michael Pachter is an analyst for US mega-investor company Wedbush Morgan. But is he a man or a robot? Who else starts work at 4.30am and then leaves at 4pm? We investigated in Being Michael Pachter.

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