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Sonic Adventure coming to XBLA and PSN?

Best-selling Dreamcast title rated by ESRB.

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Sonic's Dreamcast debut Sonic Adventure looks set to be making its way to PSN as well as XBLA, Siliconera reports.

SEGA is still refusing to confirm or deny the existence of either port, but recently unearthed ESRB listings seem to confirm the game's scheduled release.

It's the latest in a spate of leaks, rumours and whisperings about the 1999 title, which the Korean ratings board last week inadvertently confirmed as coming to XBLA alongside Dreamcast stablemate Crazy Taxi.

Sonic Adventure is still the biggest-selling Dreamcast game of all time, earning considerable praise from the gaming press and community at the time of release, so it seems like an obvious choice to open the floodgates for a stream of Dreamcast re-releases if one is indeed to come.

Expect more news, if there's any truth in the rumour, to surface during the course of E3 next week.

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