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XBLA/PSN Crazy Taxi drops soundtrack

And Sonic Adventure not widescreen.

SEGA's PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade revival of Crazy Taxi has had to forfeit the original soundtrack and some in-game locations such as Pizza Hut due to licensing issues.

The destinations will now be generic and the Offspring/Bad Religion jingles replaced by something similar, according to Joystiq.

There's a catch with fellow Dreamcast game Sonic Adventure on XBLA and PSN, too - it will only work in 4:3 mode. Widescreen tellies will use vertical, blue-patterned bars to colour areas the game won't.

Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure are due out on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this autumn.

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Crazy Taxi

Android, iOS, PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, PC

Sonic Adventure

PS3, Xbox 360

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