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Crackdown 2 demo today

Features Demo Achievements.

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Ruffian Games' Crackdown 2 may not be out until 9th July, but a demo version of the Xbox 360-exclusive third-person openworld effort is due today.

According to publisher Microsoft, the demo features "accelerated Agent levelling, four-player co-op, and the ability to earn Demo Achievements".

Apparently if you earn Demo Achievements you will be rewarded with full Achievements when you play the retail version of Crackdown 2.

The demo weighs in at 1.07GB.

Crackdown 2 takes players back to Pacific City where the Agency is now up against The Cell and an army of mutants that roam the streets at night.

Developer Ruffian has introduced lots of new elements including a "wingsuit" and new types of collectable orb, along with new multiplayer modes.

Check out our Crackdown 2 hands-on preview to find out what's what.

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