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FarmVille for iPhone this month

Moo money, moo ports.

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Zynga has revealed that FarmVille is on its way to iPhone this month.

CEO Mark Pincus popped up during Steve Jobs' iPhone 4 unveiling speech at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday to make the announcement.

"FarmVille is our most popular game," he said, "and we're excited to bring it to the most popular mobile platform in the world."

FarmVille for iPhone - called Farming, apparently - will allow you to farm anywhere you go and will offer in-app purchases, which sounds dangerous, syncing up with your Facebook farm.

"We now have withering crop push notifications," Pincus joked.

FarmVille is a Facebook game about, well, farming. Pincus said it currently has over 70 million active players.

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