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English Yakuza 4 will have hostesses

Back by popular demand.

SEGA has confirmed that the western version of Yakuza 4 will feature hostesses.

Community manager Aaron Webber noted their inclusion to Siliconera.

Hostesses were yanked from the English version of Yakuza 3 in order for the game to launch on time. Fans weren't happy - these establishments are an important part of Japanese culture.

Hostess clubs are places were Japanese businessmen and women go to enjoy the company of attractive members of the opposite sex. Rumpy-pumpy isn't part of the job description.

Webber stopped short of confirming Yakuza 4 mini-games mahjong, shogi and Japanese chess for the West.

Yakuza 4 will be released for PS3 here in spring 2011. Eurogamer reviewed the openworld crime game on import in April.