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Japan's top-selling PS3 title of 2010 named

Place your bets.

Yakuza 4 sold more copies than any other PlayStation 3 game in Japan last year, according to new data.

Sales numbers totted up by Geimin and reported by Siliconera show that SEGA's crime epic sold 577,199 units.

However, that only puts it at 16th in the chart. The top 10 is dominated by DS, PSP and Wii titles, with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd taking the top spot with 3,849,907 sales, closely followed by Pokémon Black and White.

The top-selling first party Sony game on the list was Gran Turismo 5 at 17th with 563,378 copies sold.

The highest-placed Xbox 360 title was Monster Hunter Frontier at 86th (138,596 sales), followed by Halo Reach way down at 186th (56,104 sales).

Yakuza 4 launched in Europe last month and debuted at number 25 on the weekly UK all-format chart.

"A significant step up from Yakuza 3 in terms of visuals and story, Yakuza 4 still lags behind the genre's leaders, lacking the polish in interactions to make it a classic," wrote Eurogamer's Simon Parkin in his 8/10 review. "But this is still a strong, mesmerising video game, an offer that none should refuse."