Yakuza 4

Confirmed for Japan only at the moment.


VideoAll-fighting Yakuza 4 footage

Plus a bit of ping-pong too.

ReviewYakuza 4

Sleeping with the sushi.

VideoYakuza 4 trailer shows game's locations

SEGA sends seedy-looking postcard.

VideoYakuza 4 demo footage slices in

Available now and free on PS3.

Key events

FeatureAfter I stepped into Yakuza's world, Yakuza's world seeped into mine

Travel and memory as the real meets the virtual.

Yakuza 5 announced

Sega creates Yakuza Studio.

Yakuza series ships 5 million globally

Yakuza Of the End does 400k in 2 weeks.

First look at Yakuza 4 DLC screens

Has cage fights and school girl karaoke.

VideoAll-fighting Yakuza 4 footage

Plus a bit of ping-pong too.

ReviewYakuza 4

Sleeping with the sushi.

VideoYakuza 4 trailer shows game's locations

SEGA sends seedy-looking postcard.

VideoYakuza 4 demo footage slices in

Available now and free on PS3.

EU PlayStation Store Update 23rd Feb

Dragon Age II, LEGO SWIII, Yak 4 demos.

Bonus mode for Yakuza 4 special edition

Steelbook Edition packs in the extras.

Yakuza 4 demo announced

PlayStation Plus users get it first.

Yakuza 4 has over six hours of cutscenes

More than treble Dragon Age II.

VideoYakuza 4 release date revealed

Shuffles onto PS3 18th March.

VideoMeet Yakuza 4's Taiga Saejima

Cage-fighting ex-con says hello.

VideoMeet Yakuza 4's Shun Akiyama

He's a charming fellow.

VideoSEGA show off Yakuza 4's story

Punch lots of people in the face.

Yakuza 4 gets Western release

PS3 exclusive coming spring 2011.

VideoYakuza 4 announcement trailer

Gunning for PS3 next year.

New Yakuza game confirmed

Yes, another one.

English Yakuza 4 will have hostesses

Back by popular demand.

Yakuza 4 heading to Europe in 2011

Spring release for SEGA's latest epic.

ReviewYakuza 4

Beaten into shape.

Yakuza 4 tops Japanese charts

While PSP narrowly outsells DS.

Yakuza 4 dated for Japan

SEGA delivering in March 2010.

FeatureYakuza 4

SEGA's superseries broadens further.

Yakuza 3 won't go west, says SEGA

US launch ruled out, "no plans" for Europe.

Fifth Yakuza game in development

Contemporary setting, different style.