Yakuza 4

Confirmed for Japan only at the moment.


Sega releases beta hotfix to address Yakuza Remastered Collection's PC CPU issues

"Your feedback helps us make our games the best they can be."

Yakuza 5 announced

Sega creates Yakuza Studio.

Yakuza series ships 5 million globally

Yakuza Of the End does 400k in 2 weeks.

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Has cage fights and school girl karaoke.

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Plus a bit of ping-pong too.

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Sleeping with the sushi.

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SEGA sends seedy-looking postcard.

Video | Yakuza 4 demo footage slices in

Available now and free on PS3.

EU PlayStation Store Update 23rd Feb

Dragon Age II, LEGO SWIII, Yak 4 demos.

Bonus mode for Yakuza 4 special edition

Steelbook Edition packs in the extras.

Yakuza 4 demo announced

PlayStation Plus users get it first.

Yakuza 4 has over six hours of cutscenes

More than treble Dragon Age II.

Video | Yakuza 4 release date revealed

Shuffles onto PS3 18th March.

Video | Meet Yakuza 4's Taiga Saejima

Cage-fighting ex-con says hello.

Video | SEGA show off Yakuza 4's story

Punch lots of people in the face.

Yakuza 4 gets Western release

PS3 exclusive coming spring 2011.

Video | Yakuza 4 announcement trailer

Gunning for PS3 next year.

New Yakuza game confirmed

Yes, another one.

Yakuza 4 heading to Europe in 2011

Spring release for SEGA's latest epic.

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Beaten into shape.

Yakuza 4 tops Japanese charts

While PSP narrowly outsells DS.

Yakuza 4 dated for Japan

SEGA delivering in March 2010.

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SEGA's superseries broadens further.

Yakuza 3 won't go west, says SEGA

US launch ruled out, "no plans" for Europe.

Fifth Yakuza game in development

Contemporary setting, different style.