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Yakuza 4 tops Japanese charts

While PSP narrowly outsells DS.

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PlayStation 3 is the best-selling console in Japan for the week ending 21st March, thanks in large part to the launch of chart-topping Yakuza 4.

The latest instalment in Toshihiro Nagoshi's epic crime series managed a whopping 384,000 sales during its first few days on release, no doubt encouraging the Japanese games-buying public to buy more PS3s than usual - 50,000 this week compared to just over 26,000 in the previous seven days.

The PSP did alright too. Sales of hardware were just over 39,000 - consistent with the week before and marginally more than combined sales of the rival DS family - while new release Gundam: Assault Survive was in at number two with 91,000 sales.

Last week's best-selling game, Pokemon Ranger: Path of Light, slipped to third, with New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Friend Collection DS, Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce 2, Wii Fit Plus, Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman 3D for PSP, Dragon Quest IX for DS and God Eater on PSP making up the top ten.

NeoGAF has the full list.

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