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Yakuza 4 has over six hours of cutscenes

More than treble Dragon Age II.

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Japanese gangster game Yakuza 4 comes stuffed with a mind-bending 384 minutes of cutscenes to watch. That's more than six hours worth (6.24 approximately)!

That staggering number was revealed by UK game-ratings board BBFC, which stamped SEGA's openworld crime game with an 18 rating.

Yakuza 4's total makes mincemeat of BioWare's upcoming fantasy RPG Dragon Age II, which was revealed to have 103 minutes of cutscenes last week. Killzone 3 only has 70 minutes of cutscenes - hardly worth even turning on.

Unsurprisingly, Yakuza 4 was deemed to contain "strong bloody violence and strong language". Lovely.

Eurogamer reviewed Yakuza 4 on import last April, awarding 8/10.

"Yakuza 4 is made from the exact same parts as Yakuza 3. There are no significant changes to the core combat or the setting, and it looks unerringly similar. But that same mixture of brutal fighting, storytelling, exploration and random nonsense is framed much better this time around. Adding three new characters has changed the pacing completely and given the game structural discipline and variety that makes it a lot more palatable."

Yakuza done worse.

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