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Bonus mode for Yakuza 4 special edition

Steelbook Edition packs in the extras.

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The limited Steelbook Edition of Yakuza 4 includes an exclusive game mode for SEGA's forthcoming PlayStation 3 gangster epic.

According to a GAME listing spotted by CVG, the special edition of the game adds a boss rush Survival Mode that lets you battle in an "underground fighting arena" and "race the bosses in underground car parks".

Not only that but you'll get fancy packaging and extra costumes for Akiyama, Saejima, Tanimura, Kiryu and Haruka.

The asking price for such rich bounty? Just £39.99.

The latest entry in SEGA's organised crime franchise launches for PlayStation 3 on 18th March. Prior to that, PlayStation Plus members get early access to a demo on 16th February, with full PlayStation Network access following on 23rd February.

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