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FIFA chief unconvinced by motion control

Experiments yet to satisfy, says Rutter.

FIFA boss man David Rutter has said there are no plans to incorporate Kinect or Move support into his game any time soon, as his team has yet to find a compelling reason to offer it.

Speaking to Eurogamer TV at E3 in an interview you can watch below, Rutter said: "We're not supporting it within [FIFA 11]. I'm a big fan of pushing gameplay and there are some cool things you can do with it. We've tried some of them out, but until the team's happy with what we can do with it won't be in there."

Asked whether he saw any general potential for the technology in FIFA, he said: "I'm not sure; I don't really fancy standing up and kicking a ball at a telly. There are some cool things - a goalkeeper could work very well - but obviously we're not talking about anything like that."

Meanwhile, 'Dangerous Dave' explained his team's position on the other hot topic of this year's LA showcase: 3D. "We've been looking into that too," he revealed. "It's tough; we have been working on it, it won't be in FIFA 11. To do it badly is probably pretty straightforward, but we want to do it well." He added: "We have seen it working; it looks great. But within FIFA there's too much going on, too much movement, too many camera angle changes for us to be easily supporting it at the moment. But yeah, we are looking at it."

You can catch the full interview with Rutter, where he talks up FIFA 11's key features while bitterly mourning the loss of his phone, below.

FIFA 11 is out on multiple formats this autumn.

No vuvuzuelas in this video.

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